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September 2018


How I Make My Own Sourdough Bread

September 15, 2018
How I Make Sourdough Bread

Back in college I picked up a book called The GI Diet by Rick Gallop. I was looking to lose the “freshman fifteen” and this seemed like a pretty good book. It was actually written for people who want to control their diabetes. The book talked about food and “Glycemic index” which is a number associated with the carbs in food that indicates the effect on a person’s blood sugar. In a nutshell, the book says that sticking to low…

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My Fitness Journey

September 9, 2018
My Fitness Journey

As a young kid I was somewhat athletic. I enjoyed playing sports. My dad taught me how to throw a ball pretty well, and we would spend hours playing catch and throwing the football around. During elementary school I loved track and field and collected quite a few 1st and 2nd place ribbons throughout those six years. I went to a very small school and there wasn’t a lot of competition, but I felt confident in my abilities! My First…

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