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January 30, 2020
Life Update

It’s been awhile. A lot has happened in the last nine months. Good things, but a lot of things!

I think my last post was in March (yikes). Around that time, I was so focused on our trip to the UK, I couldn’t focus anything else. It was literally taking up all my brain power. And, as any parent knows, spring is a crazy time of year. Easter, spring sports, piano and ballet recitals, etc. AND, just before our trip to Scotland and Ireland, we booked a trip to Italy for April 2020. Another trip meant a lot more planning! With all of that, keeping up with my blog was the last thing on my mind. I can’t believe it’s almost February and I’m finally feeling like I have some time to sit and write.  


We’ve had so many changes in the last nine months! First of all, our trip. All I can say is that it was an amazing life-changing experience. I’ll need many blog posts to write about it and I will. I just need to get my shit together again. 

Going Plant Based

We finally have transitioned to a mostly plant-based diet. This was huge for us. After seeing how easy it was to eat vegan food in Scotland, it was kind of a no-brainer. I was in a food rut when we got home, so Robb went and got me a bunch of vegan cookbooks from the library. After trying a bunch of meals, we realized how good food can be, even without meat. The ethical and environmental reasons had been weighing on me heavily, so I’m very proud to say I have had no meat (beef, pork or chicken) in almost three months. The same with Robb and the girls. We’ve even cut out eggs. This decision has been three years in the making. And, after spending five days in Vancouver for our anniversary and eating mostly Vegan the whole time we were there, I feel so good about this change.

A Big Career Change

The last crazy (and BIGGEST) change was that Robb quit his day job. This has been something he’s been contemplating for a while. We have a Financial Literacy business on the side. Robb started a blog about 10 years ago and it has finally grown into something that can sustain us. He wasn’t happy at his day job, and found that he was missing out on family time, and business opportunities because of it. The decision was fast, and caused me a lot of anxiety. That job was a safe and steady income stream, and security for us. So it’s been a bit scary for me. But, now we are so much happier with him working from home. 

Mental Health

Until recently I had been neglecting my meditation and yoga practices, and I was paying for it. I hadn’t done either since June. My anxiety was through the roof, depression was seeping in, and my body was suffering. I decided to start a new routine of med/yoga after the girls went to school. It’s been three months and I’m feeling so much better. Not perfect, but better. I’m more patient, less anxious, and I’m having many more good days than bad now.  

I stopped therapy. This could be a whole post on its own. But, long story short, my last session didn’t go well. I felt like my therapist was giving up on me, or wasn’t happy with the progress I was making. She basically said to me, “why do you keep coming back?” I left that session in tears and decided I was never going back. To her anyway. I’m thankful for the ways she did help me, but I think I’ll be looking for someone else.

What’s Next?

It’s been effing cold here for the last couple weeks. We are heading to Maui in February for a few days. I really suffered with seasonal depression the last couple of winters so we figured we needed some sun this year. We’re excited to go, as we have never been before.

So that’s my life update. This year has started out great so far. We have three big trips booked this year so I am excited for that. Hopefully my next post wont take as long to write!

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